Territory control games have always been something i have been interested in. When a game included territory control I was always excited, its a very simple concept; conquer the land and win. How you go about doing this has always been different but slowing gaining land was always the best part for me. To start I will looking utilize my previous looking game sprites but the code I’m writing now is much better. Utilizing what i know now compared to what i knew before will speed up and enhance the game i’m making. The basics of my first game will be:– Control the continent to win the game– There will be multiple territories with different difficulties you will need to[…]

After looking at the old direction I know now that it would be to much to keep it going. I have also been working on my real work life and this has been the biggest problem. Now with everything taking effect I realize I need to be better with my time, I am going to make something more to the point and easier to make dynamically.

Been working more and more to try to finish the current app i have been working on, hopefully I will have a better update no later then the end of this month

I have been still working when i can to finish the app, a lot of progress has been completed but want to have a simi polished product before posting again. Functions Completed Creation of all scenes Save (ensure all new additions are included into the save) Inventory Scene and the main backend work done (just need to connect all the code to the items) Level Select (just need to populate the levels) Main match 3 game (need to add something so you can see what stone has been selected easier) Spell Casting (need to populate different spells) Once I have polished everything out I know there will need some balancing included, also I will be adding in ads which will[…]

Been busy and not a lot of time to work on the app, but I have been putting time in when i can. I’m about half way through and almost all the main functions of the game are ready. I need to ensure we have: Spell casting needs to be completed Character skins Character attributes Spell windows completed Menu select, have at last 15 ready for launch (complete with enemy to compete against)