Have not had as much time to work on the game but still doing it when I can. I have updated the towers to only accept two gems and also text now shows what has been upgraded. There is a lot of tweeks in the coming weeks and hoping to have a more finalized product by end of September

Done most of the heavy lifting in the background for code, now its really about refining…. and then more refining. Things added recently Wave warning and text Improved AI and better spawning mechanics Improved tower radius coding Things i will be looking to add Look at gem improvements Bosses and general wave difficulty Top points dashboard online

Taking time to play the beta, have not spent a ton of time developing. Beta will be ending soon and I will be taking the time to develop until its release

Been working on the general layout and making sure all the dots and i’s are connected before doing any wave / level work. The main focus is to make sure the layout is as simple as possible. I find most UI in mobile games tends to be crowded, this really hurts the experience

For UI i’m exploring something that feels natural but know i could spend a lifetime with it. Sticking with something that is quick for now and will come back later Ended up using a 3rd party app for pathfinding, what a life saver

Taking longer than expected, have had a few other obstacles outside of the development. However I’m happy with the new code and getting much closer to finishing the main coding part. The basics have changed:– Capture territory – Click on resources instead of capturing them (quicker turn around)– Resources must be within territory or right beside the territory when capturing– Use resources to upgrade towers to defend against the barbarians– So far i’m thinking you only need to capture a % of the territory to win a chunk of the world Wanted to make sure i get something out within the next month or so I will delay on adding anything further. Hoping to continue upgrading and adding to this[…]