Have the save file working internally and now working on the territory and how it saves. Also I have successfully completed runs from scene 1 to end scenes and back again and the online features work now. Going to be working on getting the fine details done in the next week or so.

  • Complete a win scenario but capturing all the tiles through games
  • Have a place for features to save and make sure they upload for all players
  • For the above i need a HUD to showcase this
  • Switching players to Caravans, this is a big switch for me. I want to change the format into more like your a trader whom hires help to protect you against your enemies
  • Caravans will now be constantly going towards a direction to start once you click a direction. Right now you need to click the tile in the game in order to move your character in the main game
  • Looking at a Karma system (you do good things and bad things means something in game)

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