Save seems to be working even with some back end changes and going into the online area and back again to control the map seems to be working as well (see image) Hopefully will get more done as this week was crazy with life and such

Have the save file working internally and now working on the territory and how it saves. Also I have successfully completed runs from scene 1 to end scenes and back again and the online features work now. Going to be working on getting the fine details done in the next week or so. Complete a win scenario but capturing all the tiles through games Have a place for features to save and make sure they upload for all players For the above i need a HUD to showcase this Switching players to Caravans, this is a big switch for me. I want to change the format into more like your a trader whom hires help to protect you against your[…]

Been working on a lot of back end stuff, should have the following done in the next week – World Map (cities menus) – Save progress – Intro screen (except title) – Start on items that can be collected and in general the class system

After close consideration and based on time i have decided to keep the world map to local only. Meaning you are battling AI for the world control, i was looking at various options and it was going to eat up to much time and possibly money to complete it. I will be focusing on the actual game play and try to make it quick and fun and pair that with the over objective of world domination.

Just trying to finalize the general path of play and then really dig into the details. Start Screen > Pick where to attack > The actual game play Pick where you attack: Here you will be able to select territory within the world, this world will be constantly moving and live online. You will need to compete with others in order to take over squares inside the actual game play. This will decided at the end of each day based on whom has the highest resources invested inside it. Actual Game Play During the game play you will be playing against AI as well as anyone who joins the sessions. The general tactic is to gain as much territory in[…]

Going to start thinking about territories outside of the main game and need something to run that data live and connect it to a database. I was trying out SQL solutions on my own through websites, even Amazon but it seemed like a lot. I was pinging off the servers and in some cases crashed them (prob doing something wrong). I have decided to try out Playfab and so far so good. Also going to be working on the classes… I might just stick to a number system per skill simular to UO / AC.  

The next two big things i need to work on are Hero class tree Territory mapping You will have to gain as much territory possible per match which can happen in all different ways. 

Been working on the AI and completed the advanced fog of war so players can still see certain parts of what they discover. Changed movement to every 5 seconds but this is real time, so if you don’t move then thats your time wasted. (so it won’t be turn based but instead time based) Next will be a combat system and really starting to implement different characters. Eventually each Hero will have different stats and abilities: Ability to see further Attack focused Defense focused Defense / Attack Building focused These abilities will be stored on a server and will increase as your play more and complete more games.

Fog of war has been harder to get done then i thought, the black area is easy and did that in one nights work. Its after you reveal the area how do i go about making the area greyed out for enemy movement. Things to work on: – Greyed out territory – Enemy Movement – Territory City and Defence – Integrate everything through PUN Edit: Actually found a pretty easy way to grey out movement, this has now been implemented