Taking longer than expected, have had a few other obstacles outside of the development. However I’m happy with the new code and getting much closer to finishing the main coding part. The basics have changed:– Capture territory – Click on resources instead of capturing them (quicker turn around)– Resources must be within territory or right beside the territory when capturing– Use resources to upgrade towers to defend against the barbarians– So far i’m thinking you only need to capture a % of the territory to win a chunk of the world Wanted to make sure i get something out within the next month or so I will delay on adding anything further. Hoping to continue upgrading and adding to this[…]

I was happily getting pretty far with coding when i realized i wanted to go a different direction with resources. Instead of getting resources by being on the tile i want to get the resources by The resource being in or right beside your territory You must click the resources I feel this is necessary because the current way really doesn’t leave it easy to do other things. Which means… i need to re-do some code… i thought i could get around it, i was wrong. I will make sure to hash through more of my thoughts before coding next time 🙂

Still working on the resources, but all is looking good now. Almost done the capturing and understanding on how to add things to lists and remove them as well. This will greatly improve performance and hopefully make it easier to make any updates later on. Hoping to have resources finished today and start working on defence. The thinking is you can build up defences right where the barbarians are coming in. Hoping to start working on that within then next week or so. Finally i will working on finishing the art work.

Territory control games have always been something i have been interested in. When a game included territory control I was always excited, its a very simple concept; conquer the land and win. How you go about doing this has always been different but slowly gaining land was always the best part for me. To start I will looking utilize my previous looking game sprites but the code I’m writing now is much better. Utilizing what i know now compared to what i knew before will speed up and enhance the game i’m making. The basics of my first game will be:– Control the continent to win the game– There will be multiple territories with different difficulties you will need to[…]