Just trying to finalize the general path of play and then really dig into the details.

Start Screen > Pick where to attack > The actual game play

Pick where you attack:
Here you will be able to select territory within the world, this world will be constantly moving and live online. You will need to compete with others in order to take over squares inside the actual game play. This will decided at the end of each day based on whom has the highest resources invested inside it.

Actual Game Play
During the game play you will be playing against AI as well as anyone who joins the sessions. The general tactic is to gain as much territory in a short time frame (2-3 minutes). People who attack others will be rewarded but also take great risk (more details to come). You can also invite friends into the game or eventually hopefully Clan mates.

This is of course a very general idea of the game, each character will have skills and will descend down a skill tree of their choosing. (we are removing the pick your class). There will also be items and many other options and ways of winning.

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