Territory control games have always been something i have been interested in. When a game included territory control I was always excited, its a very simple concept; conquer the land and win. How you go about doing this has always been different but slowly gaining land was always the best part for me.

To start I will looking utilize my previous looking game sprites but the code I’m writing now is much better. Utilizing what i know now compared to what i knew before will speed up and enhance the game i’m making.

The basics of my first game will be:
– Control the continent to win the game
– There will be multiple territories with different difficulties you will need to control in order to control the entire continent
– In territory control you will gain control of tiles that will cost resources as you go.
– You must be mindful of how you go about building out your land to better utilize you time and resources
– Instead of having the AI build territory as well it will be more a barbarian / AI approach and you must protect your land or risk losing it as you go along. The longer you take the more barbarians will attack.
– Utilize your resources by building towers to protect you land in key spots
– Each tile will take time to capture and the time will depend on the tile itself

This is all i got so far, but should have something basically done by end on this month. Hoping to get something out the door and keep making advancements on this type of game.

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